OREANDA-NEWS The European Central Bank (ECB) for the first time showed samples of new banknotes in denominations of €100 and 200, which decided to issue May 28, 2019.

New banknotes from the series "Europe" differ from the old banknotes by a larger and clearer image of denominations. The design actively uses relief images and changing color when looking at the inscriptions at different angles. The new banknotes contain a portrait of the Phoenician Princess of Europe (in the form of a hologram and a watermark) and additional protective elements. The color scheme of banknotes remained the same.

Member of the Executive Board of the ECB, Yves Mersch highlighted the value of banknotes in denominations of €100, which remains one of the most sought after banknote in the world. According to Mersh, the total number of such notes in circulation in the Euro area and beyond, exceeds the number of banknotes in denominations of €5 and 10.

Mersch admitted that the share of cash payments is gradually decreasing, however, according to this information, it is slow, and cash still has a number of advantages over any other payment methods. In particular, such payments can be made immediately and without any intermediaries.

One of the main reasons for the release of a new series of Euro banknotes Mersh called the need to combat counterfeiters. According to him, the new banknotes will be more difficult to forge and at the same time it will be easier for ordinary people to verify the authenticity of the banknote.

Earlier it was reported that the new banknotes will be issued at the end of 2018, finishing the update of the "model range": updated banknotes in denominations of €5 came out in 2013, €10 — in 2014, €20-in 2015 and €50 — in 2017.

But the new banknotes worth €500, which, according to the ECB, too simplify the conduct of illegal activities, it was decided not to issue.

At the same time, the old "five hundred" (as well as any other banknotes of the 2002 model) still remain a legal tender and the ECB does not exchange them for new ones. Old-style banknotes are withdrawn as they become unusable, the ECB promises to announce the deadline for their final withdrawal from circulation in advance, assuring at the same time that in its territorial subdivisions old banknotes can be exchanged for an unlimited time.