OREANDA-NEWS A trilateral summit on Syria was held in Sochi. The talks were attended by the presidents of Russia, Turkey and Iran — Vladimir Putin, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Hassan Rouhani. In this format, the leaders of the States are working for the fourth time, because Moscow, Ankara and Tehran are the guarantor countries of the truce in Syria and the Astana process. The first summit was held here in Sochi, followed by meetings in Ankara and Tehran.

The day before, bilateral talks were also held, during which certain positions on the Syrian settlement were clarified, which were then brought to the level of the trilateral dialogue. After that, Putin had every reason to declare at the opening of the summit that there is a conviction that"we will be able to give a new impetus to the normalization of the situation in the Syrian Arab Republic both on the ground and in the framework of the policy of diplomatic efforts to establish an inter-Syrian dialogue."

According to him, "not all the tasks have been solved yet, but if we work as actively, as smoothly, and look for compromises, then, of course, we will succeed." Thus, the message was defined, according to which it became obvious that the dialogue at the level of the heads of state of Russia, Turkey and Iran is sustainable and the parties are focused on reaching in some cases compromise, but positive for all agreements.

The talks in Sochi lasted 70 minutes, which indicates that they were well developed and prepared by the parties. At the final press conference following the talks, Putin, Erdogan and Rouhani spoke almost in the same words about their further joint steps for the long-term implementation of improving the situation in Syria, whether the situation in Idlib and the creation of a buffer zone on the Turkish-Syrian border or in the Manbij area. However, it is still unclear how and when and whether Turkey will carry out the planned military operation East of the Euphrates. But the main thing, in our opinion, is that Moscow, Ankara and Tehran together advocated the preservation of the territorial integrity of Syria.