OREANDA-NEWS   The British Department of Defense announced the threat of a terrorist attack in the area of ​​the Kabul airport. This was announced by the deputy head of the department James Hippie on the air of the BBC TV channel. “We believe that an extremely deadly attack could happen very soon, possibly in Kabul”, - the deputy minister said. 

The agency advises people not to approach the airport, go further and wait for instructions. When he was asked by the host about whether a terrorist attack could occur in the next few hours, Hippie answered in the affirmative.

In April of this year, the US President Joe Biden announced the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. After that, the Taliban began to seize power in the regions of the country.

On August 15, militants took control of Kabul. The United States and other countries are now evacuating their citizens and those Afghans who have collaborated with foreign military personnel and embassies from the country.