OREANDA-NEWS. All schools in Krasnoyarsk on Monday, February 8, canceled classes in the first shift due to reports of «mining», the city Department of Education reported. Educational institutions are checked by the police.

Unknown persons announced the «mining» of all schools in two more cities of the Krasnoyarsk Territory: Zheleznogorsk and Minusinsk. The representative of the administration of Zheleznogorsk Dmitry Gerasimov said, that during the visual inspection, the operational groups of the Ministry of Internal Affairs did not find a threat. However, school classes have been canceled for a more thorough inspection of the buildings. «The South of Siberia» reports, that the students of Minusinsk also stayed at home while the police checked all 13 city schools.

Reports of «mining» of schools were also received in the Amur region, the press service of the Ministry of Education of the region reported. Because of this, in particular, classes in all schools in Tynda were completely canceled. In Blagoveshchensk, 21 schools were checked, after which classes resumed.

In Novosibirsk, the Ministry of Internal Affairs checks all 217 city schools after a call from a resident of Tver, who reported, that her 11-year-old daughter saw a video on the Internet, which says that on February 8 in Russia «20 thousand schools will explode». Despite the fact, that the operational situation, according to law enforcement officers, does not require evacuation, the management of some schools decided to dismiss students to their homes.

In addition, classes of the first shift were completely canceled in 149 schools of the Sakhalin Region, a number of educational institutions of the Primorsky Territory. Unknown persons also announced the «mining» of schools in Chukotka.

In Moscow, law enforcement officers on Monday night also checked more than three thousand educational institutions in the capital because of threats received about allegedly planted explosive devices.