OREANDA-NEWSA court in New York sentenced a Russian-born Anna Sorokina to a prison term of four to 12 years on charges of fraud, according to the Western media. Earlier, a jury convicted her on eight counts.

According to the investigation, Anna Sorokina, who calls herself Anna Delvi, pretended to be a rich heiress and forged checks and documents in order to get multimillion-dollar loans from the bank. The woman convinced others that she owned a fortune of 60 million euros. Sorokina will spend at least four years in prison, and then the court will consider the possibility of release by parole. In this case, Sorokina is deported to Germany, of which she is a citizen, for a visa overdue before her arrest. Judge Diane Kisel stated that she was “shocked at how deep the accused’s perfect deception was.” Prosecutors believe that Sorokina stole up to 275 thousand dollars.

Up to 16 years old, Sorokina lived in Russia, then moved to Germany, and in 2016 - to the USA. According to the investigation, the woman received a loan for 100 thousand dollars in one of the banks and did not return it. For months she lived in debt in expensive New York hotels and arranged dinners for friends in the best restaurants, while also trying to get a $ 22 million loan on forged documents to build an exhibition center. In the end, she failed to recharge the money again, she was evicted from the last hotel for major debts, and she had to ask friends for an overnight stay. Sorokina was arrested in October 2017 and has since been imprisoned.

Her story began in Europe, at exhibitions of contemporary art and fashion shows, Anna was actively acquainted with artists, gallery owners, collectors, introducing herself as a friend of Olivier Zama. Among the Parisian bohemians, she was known as her man, helped by Instagram, where Anna diligently laid out reports on acquaintances with celebrities. Soon the girl herself began to arrange gorgeous parties for new acquaintances. She said that her father was a Russian oilman who, on her twenty-sixth birthday, would give her daughter 60 million euros. And Anna already knows exactly how to spend these millions - she will open an international club of connoisseurs of modern art with branches in New York, London, Paris, Hong Kong and Dubai.