OREANDA-NEW  On March 1-2, the first international women's forum " Role of women in the development of industrial regions" will be held in Novokuznetsk. Anna Tsivileva told about why it is held in Novokuznetsk and what issues will be raised by the participants of the forum.

About 2.5 thousand delegates from 16 countries and 39 regions of the Russian Federation will gather in Novokuznetsk on March 1-2. As noted by Anna Tsivileva, Chairman of the Board of Trustees in the social sphere of the Kemerovo region, this forum is different from others that were held in Russia and abroad. So, among its features – holding strategic sessions and discussions on several sites of the city. Important issues of business, culture, sports, environment, health will be discussed at ten venues. In addition, the work of sites in the cities and villages of the Kemerovo region will be organized, where it will be possible to watch the broadcast of the event.

Unlike similar forums which take place in different countries of the world, feature and difference of ours is the organization of 1,22 thousand platforms in settlements of the Kemerovo region, including in the separated settlements of all area, and on the basis of the industrial enterprises, - Anna Tsivileva told on the eve of the beginning of work of a forum. - 80 thousand women of Kuzbass will be able to watch broadcasts of this large-scale event.

Anna Tsivileva noted that many residents of Russia are not well acquainted with remote regions, do not know Siberia in General and Kuzbass in particular. And this, according to Tsivileva, is unfair, because Kuzbass is one of the main economically important regions for the country. For the first time being in the Kemerovo region, many people note how good and beautiful it is here. And holding such a large-scale forum just gives an opportunity to draw attention to our region, to voice the problems and find ways to solve them. The first city to host the international women's forum was Novokuznetsk, and the next time the forum will be held in Kemerovo.

On the eve of the forum, the Head of Novokuznetsk Sergey Kuznetsov, talking with journalists, noted that such events are necessary for men. The mayor of the city noticed that women force men to move and develop, to be better. They themselves have time not only to work, but also to keep the home, raise children and love her husband.

- The emotional burden on women is greater than on men. And at such forums it is useful for men to look at everything that happens in life through the eyes of a woman, - said Sergey Kuznetsov. - As in the movie "what women want", when the hero something happened, and he began to hear the thoughts of women. Here we do not need any metamorphosis, as in the film. We just look at our women and have to listen to them, be there and see a lot of what they want.