OREANDA-NEWSRowing boat Fedor Konyukhov finishes crossing the Pacific Ocean, Konyukhov’s son on a yacht sailed to meet his father’s boat off the islands of Chile, the expedition headquarters told RIA Novosti. "The team of the expedition headquarters Fedor Konyukhov on the yacht Australis made a night transition to the islands of Diego Ramirez - the most southerly islands in South America - and anchored on May 9. On the transition the wave height was 5-6 meters, the wind at gusts - 45 knots. This The transition gave a very clear idea of the conditions in which Fyodor Konyukhov and his rowing boat "Akros" are located, the message says.

The boat of Fyodor Konyukhov will be dangerously close to the group of islands Diego-Ramirez. The yacht Australis with a crew on board, will come out to meet him on the windward side, will record the passage of the islands and accompany them further into the Drake Strait. “The weather is expected to be stormy on May 10: a wind of 40-45 knots from the north, a wave of 5-6 meters. For us, this is a headwind, we need to go to the northeast, so the decision is made to take the boat in tow today, May 9, after 14:00 local time ", - told in the headquarters.

After passing all the islands of Diego-Ramirez, the team will wait for confirmation from the Society of Ocean Rowers (England) that the crossing of the South Pacific from New Zealand to Diego-Ramirez Islands (Chile) is fixed. After that, the team of the expeditionary headquarters will begin to attempt to float Fyodor with a towing end of 150–200 meters in length, the encounters specified.

In 2018-2020 Konyukhov intends to make a single transition in three stages on the Akros rowing boat around the world in three stages. In the entire history of crossings on rowing boats across the oceans, no one has managed to cross the Southern Ocean and go around Cape Horn in a rowing boat. The average duration of each stage will be 120 days, and the total length of the world tour will be 27 thousand kilometers.