OREANDA-NEWS. The author of the column in The National Interest magazine, expert Kyle Mizokami, named the five most powerful battle fleets in the world.

The first place is gained by the US Navy. It has the largest number of ships with the greatest combat capabilities. The USA owns 288 warships, including 10 aircraft carriers, 9 landing ships, 22 cruisers, 62 destroyers, 17 frigates and 72 submarines.

The second line is occupied by China. The Chinese Navy has come a long way of development, which became possible due to the growth of the country’s economy, and since 1989, the Chinese defense budget has increased tenfold. The Chinese fleet now has 1 aircraft carrier, 3 landing ships, 25 destroyers, 42 frigates, 8 submarines capable of carrying nuclear weapons, and about 50 non-nuclear submarines.

The Russian Navy is in the third place in the rating. According to the publication, the basis of it is a part of the Soviet fleet, which Russia inherited at the end of the cold war. Now, according to the author’s calculations, the Russian fleet has 79 warships, including 1 aircraft carrier, 5 cruisers, 13 destroyers and 52 submarines. Mizokami notes that the main power of the Russian fleet is in submarine forces. Moscow also has several dozen landing ships.

The fourth place is taken by the British fleet. According to the expert, the Royal Navy is the smallest among those that were included in the rating: it has 3 large amphibious assault ships, 19 frigates and destroyers, 7 nuclear attack submarines, as well as 4 nuclear-powered ballistic-missile submarines. The publication notes that the British fleet will soon strengthen its capabilities by putting into operation two new aircraft carriers.

The fifth is the Navy of Japan. In total, it has 114 vessels. It is noted that the Japanese fleet owns 46 destroyers, which is more than the French and British fleets combined. According to the author of the article, the Japanese submarine fleet includes 16 submarines, being one of the best in the world.