OREANDA-NEWS. The Finnish Border Guard made a statement according to which it is able to confirm the violation of the country’s air borders by two fighters Su-27 belonging to Russia.

“During the preliminary investigation of the violation committed on July 28, it was established that two Russian fighters Su-27 violated the air borders of Finland in the area of ​​the city of Porvoo. […] Covering in about one minute a distance of 10 km, the fighters left the airspace of Finland,” the message says. According to the border guards, the aircrafts entered Finnish territory to a depth of no more than 600 metres.

It was added that during the investigation pilots were not identified, so there is no way to bring charges against anyone in this case.

Earlier, the Finnish Foreign Ministry asked the Russian Embassy for clarification after reports about invasion of the Russian Air Force in the Finnish airspace.

The Russian Ministry of Defense stated that four fighters Su-27, making a flight from Karelia to the Kaliningrad Region, did not violate the borders of other states.