OREANDA-NEWS. Turkish agency Eha Media reported that during patrolling in the Ayn al-Arab District (Aleppo Governorate, northern Syria) the Russian armored carrier Typhoon was set on fire by Molotov’s cocktail. Protesting Kurds threw stones and bottles with fuel mixture at the vehicle of Russian military police.

The agency published a video of an attack on Twitter. It shows how a group of young people runs up to a Typhoon carrier with a Russian flag which stands on the side of the road. One of them sets fire to the fuse on the bottle and throws it on board the car. A few more bottles follow the first one. The armored carrier catches fire and starts to drive off. At this time, people are chasing him and continue to throw stones at it.

Eha Media, citing the Turkish Ministry of Defense, reports that the patrolling was carried out jointly by the Turkish and Russian military men. The patrol involved four cars.

Information about the incident was confirmed by Kurdish sources. Portal Nuce Ciwan also published this video, specifying that the incident occurred on the morning of November 18 near the city of Kobani (administrative center of Ayn al-Arab). The video that the portal published on the social network Odnoklassniki shows how the protesters bombard passing cars with Molotov’s cocktails. Several armored cars catch fire, but pass by. In a column together follow armored cars of the Russian military police and the Turkish army.

The portal notes that the attack occurred after the Turkish military used tear gas against local residents.