OREANDA-NEWS Alexander Lukashenko the Head of Belarus, said that Belarus will have to respond to Poland's plans for Western Ukraine.

Lukashenko believes that "Poland is already dreaming of Western Ukraine". He commented upon this: "Now we will have to react, because we cannot allow the Poles to encircle us at all. This is a dangerous option. And once I said: one day the Ukrainians will ask us and the Russians to help them maintain integrity. So that nobody chop off their territories".

According to the Belarusian president, this became possible due to the fact that "Americans stand behind Poland" and finance, provide weapons, and deploy armed forces there. "We can see it. Therefore, I have to keep the armed forces on the alert both in the west and in the south. I lined up ten divisions along the border behind the back of the border guards", Lukashenko said. He also added that the outside forces try to drag Belarus into the Ukrainian conflict.

"We need to protect our piece of land. Thank God, it has been possible so far. The main objective for me is not to get into this Ukrainian conflict up to our necks. We want to make sure that it ends faster", he concluded.