OREANDA-NEWS Acting White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki will leave her post on May 13. This was announced on Thursday, May 5, by the American administration. As specified, the new representative of the department will be Deputy Psaki Karin Jean-Pierre.

«I am proud to announce that Karin Jean-Pierre will be the next White House press secretary. Karin not only has the experience, talent and honesty necessary for this difficult job. She will be the mouthpiece of information about the work of the Biden–Harris administration on behalf of the American people. Jill and I (Joe Biden's wife. — Ed.) we have known and respected Karin for a long time, she will be a strong voice speaking on my behalf and on behalf of our administration», said the US President.

Biden added that Jen Psaki has set a new standard of respect and decency in the White House briefing room. He thanked her for her sincere communication with the American people and preserving the feeling.

Karin Jean-Pierre was the first Deputy Press Secretary and Deputy Assistant to the President. She has long held senior communications and policy positions in the Biden administration — ever since Biden served as vice president in the Obama administration. Karin Jean-Pierre will become the first African-American woman in this position.

The White House also announced the return of Anita Dunn as a senior adviser and assistant to the president. She will help promote the President's political and communication goals.