OREANDA-NEWS. The «Taliban» movement (banned in the Russian Federation) has sent an invitation to Russia, Turkey, China, Iran, Pakistan and Qatar to attend an event on the occasion of the announcement of the new composition of the government of Afghanistan. This is reported by the Al-Jazeera TV channel, citing a source in the movement.

It is noted that all the necessary procedures for announcing the composition of the new Cabinet of Ministers have been completed. It is also emphasized that the leader of the «Taliban» will remain in his post and will monitor the activities of the government.

Earlier it was reported that the «Taliban» postponed the deadline for announcing the list of members of the new official government of Afghanistan. According to the leaders of the «Taliban», this delay is caused by the desire of the terrorists to agree with everyone so that not only the «Taliban» can enter the government. The militants note that they can independently solve all organizational issues, but the sole organization of the Afghan governance system, according to them, is not in the interests of the «Taliban». It is expected that the new Government of the country will be inclusive and all segments of society will be represented in it.