OREANDA-NEWS. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that dozens of people were infected with the coronavirus in his environment, in this regard, he will be in self-isolation for several days.

«You know that, unfortunately, I had to cancel my visit to Dushanbe at the last moment, I am very sorry. But this is due to the fact that, as you know, cases of coronavirus have been detected in the immediate environment, this is not one, not two, several dozen people. And now we have to observe the self-isolation regime for several days», Putin said, speaking via video link at the CSTO summit on Thursday, September 16.

The press secretary of the president of Russia, Dmitry Peskov, clarified that those who were surrounded by Putin were infected mainly by those «who take part in ensuring the work and life of the head of state».

«Someone was infected, and since there is communication within the support group, a significant number of people were infected», he explained, adding that Putin himself is undergoing the necessary testing and is working as usual.

Peskov answered in the affirmative to the question whether there are currently enough people to ensure the security and work of the head of state. He did not rule out that in connection with the current situation, additional measures will be taken to ensure the health of the president, but stressed that this will be preceded by a serious analysis.

Putin's press secretary also said that dozens of people from the president's entourage fell ill with covid, most likely in September, while all of them carry the disease easily, he is not aware of any serious cases. Vladimir Putin announced his departure for self-isolation on September 15.