OREANDA-NEWS  Russia perceives the increase in NATO's presence at its borders became a cause for concern. Russia is forced to react to this problem, said Russian Ambassador to Poland Sergei Andreev.

"If this presence will continue to grow, it will not contribute to the détente between us, improve relations. We naturally perceive this campaign itself and efforts to increase the military presence at our borders as a negative phenomenon and creating, so to speak, grounds for concern in our country, to which we can not but react," he said in an interview, commenting on the initiative to deploy the US armored division in Poland.

As previously reported, Poland has made a proposal to the United States to host on a permanent basis of the American armored division and is ready to incur expenses in the amount of 1.5-2 billion dollars. The proposal was put forward outside NATO on a bilateral basis. Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov in this regard said that the deployment of a US military base in Poland-a sovereign decision of Warsaw, but it will entail counter-action on the Russian side, the approach of NATO infrastructure to the borders of Russia does not contribute to stability on the continent.

Earlier, the Polish military expert Maximilian Dura expressed the opinion that the Appearance in the Polish Navy coastal defense division, equipped with anti-ship Naval Strike Missile (NSM), finally "buried" Russia's hopes for the retention of sea transport routes in the Baltic sea.  NSM missiles with a range of 220 kilometers allow to block the movement of civil ships heading towards Russia or from it on the Baltic sea.

 Earlier was reported that American anti-missile complex Aegis Ashore, established in the Romanian town of Deveselu, will not be destroyed, despite the requirement of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, said on February, 7  the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania Teodor Meleshkanu the TV channel Antena 3.