OREANDA-NEWS  American anti-missile complex Aegis Ashore, established in the Romanian town of Deveselu, will not be destroyed, despite the requirement of the Ministry of defense of Russia, said on 7 February the Minister of foreign Affairs of Romania Teodor Meleshkanu the TV channel Antena 3.

This complex, according to the Romanian Minister, is purely defensive. It is one of the important pillars of the NATO anti-missile system and will be reinforced by the deployment of additional equipment in Poland and by warships equipped with the relevant systems.

"Everyone knows very well, and we have always said: the base in Deveselu is a purely defensive military structure, which is used against ballistic missiles and in any case has no nuclear charges," the Minister said

Meleshkanu in his speech accused Russia that it, putting forward far-fetched accusations, is actually looking for a pretext to justify their plans to produce hypersonic missiles that could pose a threat to the whole of Europe.

Recall, the military attaché at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow was handed a note demanding to dismantle the unified American launchers Mk-41, designed to launch missiles "Standard" SM-3 complex Aegis Ashore, located in the Romanian city of Deveselu.

The reason for the requirement was that these facilities also allow for the launch of Tomahawk cruise missiles, target missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles that are not defensive in nature.

"That installation in Deveselu, you can put cruise missiles with nuclear warheads - an invention that has no real basis, - said Melescanu. - There is absolutely nothing, no argument in favor of the fact that this base can create problems for Russia".