OREANDA-NEWS. Russian unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) “Vepr” is considered to be a new product which has many technical features that make it stand out against its analogues in other countries.

An American expert Kyle Mizokami called the Russian vertical take-off UAV wielding a 12-gauge semiautomatic shotgun “a flying nightmare”. In his opinion, such a drone can be used not only against other drones, but against people also. “War, as it is, is already horrifying", Mizokami noted. “Whatever bright days you thought lay ahead for humanity, the future is full of things like flying, man-hunting shotguns”.

The new UAV is a product developed by the Student Design Bureau of Aviation Modelling at the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) on behalf of Almaz-Antey, Russian technology company, known for its anti-aircraft and anti-missile weapons.

A military expert of Russian specialized magazine “Arsenal Otechestva” (The Arsenal of the Fatherland) Alexey Leonkov explained why the Russian interceptor drone made a strong impression in the West countries. The 50-pound “drone hunter"’s flight time is up to 40 minutes, it makes shots in semiautomatic mode, while continues moving along a certain course, so a shooting does not affect its flight characteristics. Leonkov reminded that the drone was first shown at the forum “Army-2017” and then it proved itself very well.

The other significant projects of Russian military drone industry are the self-explosive KYB by Kalashnicov company, the stealth drone “Okhotnik-B”, and the shock drone “Karnivora”.