OREANDA-NEWS. Servicemen of the airborne troops of the Russian Armed Forces arrived at the Brestsky training ground to participate in the military exercises Slavic Brotherhood 2020. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus.

According to the agency, soldiers of the 38th separate air assault brigade of special operations forces are involved in the exercises from the Belarusian side. In total, up to 1.5 thousand military personnel, as well as over 150 units of aviation, combat and special equipment, will take part in actions. The exercises will be conducted in two phases. In the first stage, the detachments will unite, and in the second they will begin to perform practical tasks at the Brestsky training ground and on the river Mukhavets, the Ministry of Defense clarified. The exercises will end on September 23. The Defense Ministry added that “after the completion of the exercises, Russian servicemen will return to their homeland.”

Against the background of the exercises, the Ministry of Defense of Belarus assured that their military are ready to respond to threats and aggression against the republic. The agency noted that the country has strategic allies: Russia and China.