OREANDA-NEWS The minimum age for the acquisition of weapons, which is currently 18 years in Russia, will not be raised, the relevant bills will not receive support. This was reported on Thursday by two sources in the State Duma.

"After a long discussion, we came to the position that such an increase [the age of acquisition of weapons] is impractical," - said one of the interlocutors of the Agency. According to him, "the main argument is that this measure will not lead to any serious systemic consequences, because the number of crimes or incidents involving people of this age is so meager that it does not even constitute an error."

At the same time," the topic of tightening control over the circulation of weapons in General remains," the source is sure. According to this information, a number of initiatives in this direction "will be supported, including the idea of removing restrictions on inspections by the Regardie of security organizations - so that they are not directly covered by the law on state and municipal control". "In addition, there may be innovations associated with the so - called emasculated weapons, because today its legal status is not fully understood," the source added.

"There is such information that these initiatives [on raising the age of acquisition of weapons] will not be supported," another source confirmed.

An official decision on the relevant draft laws has not yet been taken. "They are under consideration in the Committee. When official feedback from the government, relevant agencies and experts is received, parliamentarians will form a final position on this issue," the relevant Duma Committee on security and anti - corruption told.

After the tragedy in Kerch where on October, 17 last year the student of Polytechnic College opened fire and arranged explosion in educational institution, a number of public and political figures made offers on increase of age of the buyer at sale of the weapon.