OREANDA-NEWS. On Monday evening, the Russian embassy in Washington published an official comment stating that Russia has not been and is not engaged in conducting cyber attacks in the world. And the allegations of Russian cyber attacks from the American side are aimed at stirring up Russophobic sentiments.

In fact, the US Department of Justice has charged six Russians with involvement in the big harmful cyberattacks around the world, who, according to Washington, are former and current employees of the Russian military intelligence.

But the Russian embassy noted that it is quite obvious that such news stories have nothing to do with reality and are aimed only at stirring up anti-Russian sentiments in American society, hunting for "ubiquitous Russian agents" and spy mania. All this, in the opinion of the representatives of the Russian embassy, has been a distinctive feature of Washington's political life for several years now. The added, that "Amirican authorities are always destroying pragmatic and thoughtful Russian-American relations as they had been before, and purposefully imposing on ordinary American citizens a wrong perception of Russia and everything Russian."

Russian diplomats assure that Russia has no and had no intentions to engage in any kind of destabilizing operations around the world, as the commentary says. Foreign policy of the Russian Federation doesn't look like this at all. It is based on its national interests. Besides, Russia understands pretty well that relations between states are formed on faitness, confidence and loyalty. Russia respects the sovereignty of other countries and in not going to interfere in their domestic or international affairs.