OREANDA-NEWS  The EU and NATO need to stop engaging in politicking and listen "to the voice of the Crimeans." This is stated in the message on the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

"A complete lack of understanding of the mood of the Crimean people is evidenced by the absurd statement that the citizenship of Russia and the call by Russia's Armed forces had "imposed" the inhabitants of the Peninsula. Unsuccessful attempt to invent at least some examples of "negative" look and statements about deterioration of an ecological situation in the Crimea",-specify in the Ministry.

At the same time, the EU and NATO turn a blind eye to the actions of Kiev and Ukrainian nationalists "to block the water and energy supply of Crimea", as well as try to "punish the Crimeans for their choice, to come up with new indiscriminate discriminatory measures that run counter to international law and infringe the rights of the inhabitants of the Peninsula."

We are talking about the so-called visa discrimination of the inhabitants of the Peninsula, which is contrary to international human rights standards and a number of fundamental documents of the European Union, the Foreign Ministry stressed.

"Personally convinced of the futility of sanctions pressure on Russia in Brussels, however, urge the member States of the UN to step on the same "rake" and impose illegal unilateral restrictive measures against Russia", — stated in the message of the Ministry.

NATO believes that Moscow in March 2014 "illegally and illegitimately annexed Crimea", so Russia should return control over the Peninsula to Ukraine. This statement was published by the official representative of the Alliance Oana Lungescu. NATO is concerned about human rights violations in Crimea, the build-up of the armed forces on the Peninsula, as well as the arrest of Ukrainian sailors after the incident in the Kerch Strait in November 2018.

Crimea became part of Russia as a result of the referendum held on March 18, 2014. Ukraine does not recognize the results of the vote and consider the Peninsula a temporarily occupied territory.