OREANDA-NEWS. Sergei Zgurets, director of the Defense Express information and consulting company and former military man, told the Novoye Vremya newspaper why the Russian army, in his opinion, is superior to the Ukrainian one.

According to the specialist, none of the brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has automated control systems that allow monitoring aspects of the battle in real time, quickly giving orders from the high command to subunits using radio signals and packet data. Automated control systems make it possible to quickly make tactical decisions: to control troops and weapons, including reconnaissance and attack drones.

As Sergei Zgurets said, the Russian army received 40 sets of brigade-level automated control systems, and now they are in service with those units stationed near the border with Ukraine.

Colonel-General Ruslan Khomchak, Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, agrees with his colleague, who said that the Ukrainian military will not receive automation of combat units. According to him, for years only two projects of automated systems have been financed in the troops, while 700 million hryvnias have already been spent on one of them, and the work has not been shown even half.

According to Sergei Zgurets, the number of tanks will not save Ukraine. He is sure that in a war the winner is the one who sees the enemy faster, quickly transmits his coordinates, strikes and withdraws, the military noted. He specified that the Russian brigade is performing the same task five times faster than the Ukrainian one.