OREANDA-NEWS  Turkey intends to coordinate with Russia actions East of the Euphrates river in Syria. This was stated on Monday by the representative of the President of Turkey Ibrahim Kalyn at a press conference in Ankara.

"In the fight against "Daesh" [the Arabic name of the banned terrorist group "Islamic state", IG] no steps back, indulgences or suspensions will not. We will continue to fight terrorists with the same determination. We will continue to work with the support of the coalition and local groups," he said.

"In the course of these works, we will also closely cooperate with Russia. In light of the development of new events, new coordination work will begin with the Russian Federation to the East of the Euphrates river," Kalyn added.

At the same time, Ankara criticized the actions of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and accused government troops of violating the ceasefire in Idlib. "The truce was established in Idlib, but the regime of [Syrian President Bashar al-Assad] often violates it, there have been about 600 such cases. We do not succumb to these provocations, we have 12 observation points in Idlib. They will continue to function there," he said.

Idlib – is the only major region of Syria, which remains in the hands of illegal armed groups. In 2017, the Northern de-escalation zone was created there, where militants and their families could move, who refused to reconcile with the authorities and voluntarily lay down their arms.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan December, 12 announced his intention to start in the coming days, the operation on the East Bank of the Euphrates against the Kurdish forces " people's self-defense Forces "and the party" Democratic Union "- Ankara considers them a Syrian branch of the Kurdistan Workers' party. Before that, Turkey has conducted two military operations in Syria: "Shield of the Euphrates "and" Olive branch". In result, it created a buffer zone of security between the border towns of Azaz and Jerablus, as well as inhabited by the Kurds occupied the region Afrin.