OREANDA-NEWS. Ukrainian command decided to strengthen the combat readiness of troops near the Crimean Peninsula.

This was reported on July 1 by the commander of the operation of the combined forces of the army, Sergey Nayev. “We clearly understand all the scenarios for the development of the situation in this area and adequately assess the capabilities of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation regarding the buildup of military force in a short time,” Nayev said in an interview with the news agency RBC-Ukraine. He added that law enforcement officers had already worked out joint actions, and the military service was transferred to reinforced regime.

A day before, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Vasyl Bodnar, stated that Russia could launch an offensive from the south, and Kiev should be ready for these actions. The diplomat made such conclusions on the basis of intelligence data about the activation of Russian troops in the Crimea.