OREANDA-NEWS. Former spouses Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are still arguing about child custody. Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox are their own children, three more, Zakhara, Pax and Maddox, they adopted. Because of the latter, in fact, their loud scandals began. During a joint flight on a private jet, there was a quarrel between Angelina and Brad, and Maddox sided with his father, who spoke aggressively towards his son. It was rumored that he even hit the boy, but Brad denied this information.

It was then that a clause on child abuse appeared in the court cases of former spouses. For Jolie, this was a strong argument, especially since the incident on the plane became public, and Pitt's reputation as a father was already tarnished. Five years ago, information began to appear in the media that the actress was setting up children against her father, but now this has resulted in a real threat to him: all six heirs are preparing to testify in court against Pitt.

Angelina significantly raises her stakes in the fight for full custody of children with this very statement. If the children can prove that there were cases of domestic violence in their family, then Brad may lose the opportunity to see the heirs. According to the law, the new documents that the actress prepares must differ from those that have already been provided. And if she herself cannot come up with a new story, then children can remember an incident.

“Over the past four and a half years, Angelina has made a number of statements that were unfounded,” insiders say. "Angelina has used children to hurt Brad before, and it's very similar to her behavior."

Rumors about the instability of Jolie's financial situation may be the reason for the sharp intensity of passions. If the actress cannot provide evidence that she can take care of the heirs on her own, there is a high probability that custody will be transferred to Brad Pitt.