OREANDA-NEWS. At the Oscars in April 2021 in the Best Foreign Language Film category, Russia will be represented by the Dear Comrades! directed by Andrei Konchalovsky - this decision was made today by the Russian Oscar Committee. As part of a press conference held at the TASS press center on Monday, November 9, Konchalovsky was asked about his plans to be nominated for an Oscar. The director replied that he will not take part in the voting this year, so he leaves this decision to the discretion of the Russian Oscar Committee.

November 13, when Andrei Konchalovsky learned that "Dear comrades!" were nominated by Russia for an Oscar, he admitted that it was important for him that his colleagues, who were born under Soviet rule, appreciated the film.

Andrei Konchalovsky said that this recognition is very important for him, because it means that he was able to restore the spirit of that Soviet era and talk about the contradictory lives of his dear comrades - the generation of Soviet people who went through the war, with colossal victims who defeated Nazism and in the shortest terms of those who restored the country.

The film "Dear Comrades!", Whose events unfold in the 60s of the XX century, was presented to the guests of the Venice Film Festival in September. At this festival, he subsequently received a special jury prize. The film was released in Russian on November 12. The Oscars in 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic will take place later on April 25th.