OREANDA-NEWS On the ResetEra forum fans noticed that immediately two Polish stores sell the keys of the PC version of Hunt: Showdown for activation in the Epic Games Store. There is no shooter there now, although it has already been on sale for a year and a half in early Steam access.

Some users have suggested that after the release of version 1.0, the game can no longer be purchased at the Valve store, but the project owners will be able to continue playing it, getting all the updates and additions - as it happened with Metro: Exodus and Anno 1800. However, it is possible that Hunt will simply be released on another platform in order to gain access to an additional audience on the PC, which does not appear on Steam.

The full release of Hunt: Showdown will take place on August 27 on the Xbox One and the PC, along with which Trinity mode will appear in the game, where three and not two fighters are placed in one squad. The game will be released on PS4 later this year, probably in fall.