OREANDA-NEWS. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Loren Hissrich, Netflix’s The Witcher show runner, shared interesting details about the upcoming series and explained how he was attracted by the opportunity to film Sapkowski. The plot of the series will focus on three characters: Geralt, Ciri and Jennifer.

In the series, flashbacks about Jennifer's past, which only appear in the original in the memoirs of the heroes, will be shown in real time. In addition, the show will not be just an adaptation of games: the creators are based on books, and the script was based on the collection of stories “Last Desire”, from which Sapkowski began the Witcher saga. Hysrich claims that the series will be “very adult”, but it is important that the scenes of sex and violence move the plot, and not just shocked the audience. Also in the film version is expected a lot of different monsters - and at the same time not a single outright villain who claims to be the main antagonist.

As for the series’s trailer, Hissrich cannot tell the dates; but she can't wait to show the fans something other than a photo, and she hopes that the premiere will take place soon.