OREANDA-NEWS Rapper L'One filed a lawsuit against Black Star label, as well as its co-owner Timati (Timur Yunusov) and CEO Pavel Kuryanov. There is a case file on the Moscow City Court website.

L'One wants to get the right to perform tracks and perform under the same stage name after leaving the label. Consider the case will be the Meshchansky Court of Moscow. Date of the first meeting has not yet been scheduled.

L'One (Levan Gorozia) left Black Star in March 2019. In June, he complained that the label was trying to take away his name, the songs he had written and the opportunity to perform. “They decided that they could forbid me to sing songs written by me. Paid by my own work. They want to take away my opportunity to speak. They want to shut me up so that society does not recognize all the information that I possess," wrote L'One in his instagram. He also demanded that Black Star "provide a report for each ruble for all seven years."

Timati said that the contract signed by the rapper assumes that all the content produced by him belongs to the label.