OREANDA-NEWS. Singer Manizha, representing Russia at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest, responded to critics of her performance, urging them to understand their own "bad side" and realize that it is wrong to insult someone.

Manizha is a Russian singer originally from Tajikistan, who gained fame after publishing music videos on social networks. In December 2020, the singer became the first UN Goodwill Ambassador for Refugees from Russia. The victory of Manizha and her song Russian Woman at the national selection for Eurovision-2021 caused a resonance, she was criticized, including by State Duma deputies, for "anti-Russian" values.

At a press conference, Manija said about this: “I don’t want to pay attention to haters. But, you know, I want to say one thing: I believe in you guys. Because we all have light and dark sides, good and bad side. And if you want to change, you have to understand your bad side. And I wish you guys, please study yourself and understand: it is wrong when you insult someone. "

Earlier, the singer Manizha, representing Russia at Eurovision 2021, explained why she changed the line of her song. In the song "Russian Woman" the words have changed: instead of "You're strong enough to bounce against the wall" it now sounds: "You're strong enough to break the wall". Manija explained the line change to the song: "I changed the song a bit when I recorded it, before the release. And I decided that no, we are not 'bouncing' off the walls, we are here to break them."

The International Eurovision Song Contest, canceled in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, will be held May 18-22 at the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam.