OREANDA-NEWS. The Russians told which men they consider the most attractive.  This was reported on September 5 by the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VTsIOM).

 According to the study, 69% of Russians consider smooth-shaven men to be the most attractive, 22% think that men are better off wearing light bristles, 11% - a short beard and antennae, 9% - a mustache.  For only 7% of women, the vegetation on the male face does not matter.

 VTsIOM sociologists also found that pops up in the minds of citizens when they hear the expression "man with a beard."  In 9% of respondents, this phrase is associated with an old man or grandfather, in 8% - with fashionable bearded men, and 4% attribute the presence of a beard to sloppiness and untidiness.  In a third of respondents, this phrase does not cause any associations.