OREANDA-NEWS. The father of American singer Britney Spears has filed a petition in a Los Angeles court asking to release his daughter from his custody. His lawyer Vivian Lee Torin said that the pop star has already proved that she is ready to continue living without the custody of her father, The New York Times newspaper writes.

«If Ms. Spears wants custody of her to be terminated, and believes that she can cope with an independent life, Mr. Spears believes that she should be given such a chance», the lawyer said.

Torin recalled that Britney was already driving a car herself, and was also able to independently choose her own lawyer for the custody case. In turn, the singer's lawyer Matthew Rosengart, in response to the petition, stressed that the statements of the father's side will not save him from «responsibility and testifying under oath». Rosengart intends to continue the investigation of financial abuse by James Spears.

Earlier, Britney claimed that her father has long been ready to give up custody of her, but at the same time demands $2 million in compensation. The trial on this issue is expected to continue on September 29.

The court decided to appoint Mr. Spears as the guardian of pop star in 2008 against the background of the singer's psychological problems. Since then, it is alleged that James Spears controls most aspects of his daughter's life. In particular, he controls all the money of the 39-year-old singer and all her financial decisions. Also, the father makes all decisions about Britney's performances, recordings, tours, shows and even personal meetings. At the same time, the singer is forced to pay for her father's expenses for lawyers demanding to maintain the guardianship regime.