OREANDA-NEWS. The film crew postponed the premiere of a documentary about the environmental problems of the Flint city, where the voiceover is read by Alec Baldwin. The reason was an incident involving an actor on the set of the western «Rust», which caused the death of the operator. Anthony Baxter the director of the film «Flint: Who can you believe?» wrote about this on Twitter.

«We postponed the premiere of the film «Flint: Who can you Believe?» out of respect for the recent tragic events. It is important for me that the stories of the residents of the city are heard, and we will definitely release the film later», the director said.

The premiere of the documentary with Baldwin's voice was scheduled for October 29. The picture talks about the situation in the city of Flint, which developed in 2014, when the administration, in order to save budget funds, changed the Detroit water supply system to the water of the Flint River. The authorities received complaints from the population about the color and smell of the water, but they did not respond. Later, elevated levels of lead were found in the bodies of local children. The situation resonated, law enforcement officers launched an investigation that lasted more than three years. In 2019, after the change of the prosecution team, the case was reopened.