OREANDA-NEWS. Research Center "Vector" has developed a new vaccine capable of forming antibodies to HIV. Its properties were confirmed during the first phase of clinical trials in 100 percent of volunteers.

The drug developed by the Vector Center is called CombiHIVvac. The center clarified that the first phase of clinical trials of the new drug was carried out in 2011. Scientists noted that the vaccine is safe and does not cause side effects.

Although mortality from HIV and AIDS in Russia is declining, more than 80,000 people are still infected in the country every year. This means that the need for medicines is increasing. For their development, a large-scale scientific and laboratory complex has been created in the center.

According to "Interfax", during the tests, HIV-specific antibodies, as well as cytotoxic T-lymphocytes after two vaccinations, were recorded in 100 percent of the volunteers. In 80 percent of patients, antibodies that neutralize HIV pseudoviruses were detected.

It is noted that "Vector" has developed an improved version of the vaccine, it is called "CombiHIVvac-Novo". Its effectiveness will be determined in further clinical trials. The development of an HIV vaccine in Russia was officially announced on December 1. Anna Popova, the head of Rospotrebnadzor, told about this.