OREANDA-NEWS. For the third day in a row, the Russian capital beats temperature records 100 years ago.

Abnormally hot weather has set in the European part of Russia and no rescue is expected until the end of the week. Moreover, yesterday's record may be broken in Moscow today.

On June 23, the VDNKh meteorological station recorded 34.8 degrees in Moscow - this is the June maximum in the entire history of meteorological observations - since 1879.

Until yesterday, the maximum temperature in June was in 1901 - 34.7 degrees.

"Today the meteorological conditions will be determined by the anticyclone. It is cloudy, no precipitation, calm, and the temperature will rise to 35-37 degrees, which means another temperature record will fall," forecasts Yevgeny Tishkovets, leading expert of the FOBOS Weather Center.

Public transport inspectors do more than just check for masks and gloves. Bottled water is offered if necessary. The same action is taking place in Solnechnogorsk near Moscow. On the eve, almost 5,000 bottles of water were handed out there.

It will become relatively cool in the capital and the European part of Russia only after the weekend. Rains with thunderstorms will pass. The temperature will drop to +30 degrees. Although this is 8 degrees higher than normal, after 37 it is still very fresh.