OREANDA-NEWS. Physical labor, sports and sauna are incompatible with alcohol. This was stated to RIA Novosti by the chief narcologist of Moscow, Evgeny Brun.

"Physical labor in dachas and vegetable gardens is always intense. If you drink alcohol together with it, that is, increase the adrenaline load, harmful effects on health may appear. The amount of adrenaline increases, and adrenaline is a stimulant, and a stimulant acts on the brain and heart. If, against this background, we add intense sports, then the consequences for the heart can be fatal. Sports and alcohol are incompatible at all, "said Brune.

According to him, one should not drink in the bath, because overheating of the body is a colossal load on the cardiovascular system, this can lead to death.

"The high temperature in the bath and alcohol are incompatible, it is simply life-threatening. Previously, in the USSR, cold water was poured in sobering-up centers, and somehow people came to their senses, but this did not reduce the toxic effect. Such contrasts are also dangerous. Any excessive temperature effects are dangerous, "the narcologist emphasized.

The specialist advises in case of acute poisoning with alcoholic beverages to cleanse the body, if necessary, rinse the stomach.