OREANDA-NEWS. The famous Russian doctor Myasnikov spoke about which trace elements will help in the fight against coronavirus and how to eat right if you are sick. Alexander Leonidovich emphasized that COVID-19 is a common viral disease, in 90% of cases it proceeds as acute respiratory infections. He seriously warns against taking antibiotics, hormones, blood-thinning drugs.

Alexander Myasnikov advises to eat what you like, not to give up your usual food. During a fever, a person spends more energy than he receives. Therefore, at the moment of illness, strength is needed. Eat high-calorie, digestible, carbohydrate-rich foods. In this regard, porridge, chicken broth are good. According to Dr. Myasnikov, the broth works much better than any antiviral drugs.

Zinc improves immune function in the fight against coronavirus infection. It is very common in the world and is one of the three most important trace elements, in addition to iron and iodine. Lack of zinc in the body is a risk factor for many diseases, including oncology. We must remember that everything is needed in moderation. You need to know that an excess of zinc can lead to the development of anemia.

Magnesium is also important. Lack of magnesium is observed in people in the hospital. Especially in patients in intensive care. And without magnesium, calcium and potassium will not be absorbed.

Selenium is equally important. Selenium deficiency leads to cardiomyopathy, increases the risk of heart attacks, oncology. And the excess causes baldness, nail changes. Be careful - the therapeutic and toxic doses of selenium are very close!

The most important vitamin for covid patients is vitamin D. Indeed, in patients with low vitamin D levels, the coronavirus is more severe. Such people get sick more often. Lack of this vitamin in the body leads to oncology, cardiovascular diseases. Cod liver is the record holder for vitamin D content. Dr. Myasnikov advises eating more fish. Because vitamins in capsules, such as omega-3s, do not improve heart health.