OREANDA-NEWSEstimates of the losses that fishermen of the US state of Alaska suffered due to the pro-embargo introduced by Russia in 2014 are given in the February Russian review of the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, ASMI, available from the Russian media.

Before the introduction of pro-embargo in 2010-2013, Alaskan companies supplied the Russian market with an average of $ 40 million a year, according to a review by ASMI. Russia imported mainly salmon caviar harvested in Alaska, as well as frozen salmon and surimi pollock, a semi-finished product from which, in particular, crab sticks are made.

In 2013, export from Alaska was a record one and reached $ 61.3 million, while 76.4% of supplies in monetary terms then fell to the share of red caviar. Before the embargo was introduced, Russia was the second after Japan export market for salmon caviar from Alaska. The demand for these products at ASMI is explained by the fact that Russian consumers considered US products to be better than domestic ones.

In addition to the loss of a large market, Alaskan fishermen complain about increased competition from Russian producers in their domestic market.