OREANDA-NEWS Former US Ambassador to Poland Daniel Fried in an interview with Gazeta Wyborcza said about the "threat of a split" in the energy market in Europe because of Nord Stream 2.

Fried noted that he considers the project "harmful" due to the fact that if it is launched, Russia will be able to sell gas to Germany bypassing Poland and Ukraine.

Nevertheless, the ex-ambassador admitted that third countries, most likely, will not be able to weaken Russia's energy influence in Europe. Journalist Karolina Zbytniewska, who spoke with Freed, also noted that Germany had not received any offer from Poland at the moment.

Earlier, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki called on Germany to abandon the project to build a gas pipeline for the sake of "European solidarity." At the same time, Berlin advocates the completion of Nord Stream 2 and rejects unilateral extraterritorial US sanctions. The other day, Chancellor Angela Merkel confirmed that Berlin wants to develop trade relations with Russia.

Russia has repeatedly called on Western politicians to abandon the politicization of Nord Stream 2. Moscow reminded that the gas pipeline is a commercial project and is beneficial to the European Union.