OREANDA-NEWS The volume of investments in the Russian coal industry in 2018 increased by more than 45% and amounted to 150 billion rubles. This is the largest investment indicator for more than 20 years, Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Anatoly Yanovsky said during the first all-Russian Congress of coal companies in Novokuznetsk.

"Investments in fixed assets increased, they increased by more than 45% and amounted to 150 billion rubles. This is the greatest value we have seen in more than 20 years. The main source of investment is depreciation. There is a tendency to equalize the share of profit and depreciation", - said Yanovsky.

Increased investment was achieved due to the growth of coal production. In 2018, coal production amounted to more than 439 million tons. The indicators of both coking and thermal coal have increased, the enrichment growth has continued — we have reached the figure of 200 million tons. Increased wages and headcount for the first time in eight years. According to Yanovsky, no one expected to see such a volume. At the same time, the volume of coal supplies to the domestic market and for export has increased.

In 2018, more than 390 million tons were delivered, of which almost 210 million went for export and 180 million - to the domestic market. "At the same time, for the first time in several years, the volume of consumption in the domestic market has increased. And significantly increased by almost 20 million tons, " - said Yanovsky. In the end, in a westerly direction, it was delivered more than 11 million tons, and in the East around 99-100 million tons.

He also noted that the number of loss — making enterprises in our country has decreased, profits have increased significantly-both before and after taxation. Growth of debt of the coal enterprises of Russia on loans and credits stopped. All this made it possible to increase investments in world capital by 150 billion rubles.