OREANDA-NEWS  The US State Department plans to impose sanctions against European contractors involved in the construction of the Nord stream-2 pipeline. This is reported by sources of the newspaper Handelsblatt. According to this information, under the restrictions can get the company Allseas, whose headquarters is located in the Swiss city of Chatel-Saint-Denis, and the Italian company Saipem.

It is noted that Allseas, which has an operating base in the Netherlands, is responsible for more than 90% of the work on laying the pipeline on the seabed. In the event that Allseas falls on the sanctions lists, it will be difficult for this highly specialized company to find a replacement to complete the project. At the same time, Saipem has already completed its part of the work, which makes it difficult to impose sanctions against this company.

The newspaper emphasizes that the German government "with great concern" monitors how the United States "does not abandon attempts to stop" the construction of the gas pipeline. In Berlin, the main critic of the project is us Ambassador Richard Grennell, who in an interview with Handelsblatt said that the contractors of Nord stream 2 "are always in danger, as sanctions are quite possible." He expressed confidence that the company "will come out of the project." The pipeline will run from Russia to Germany on the Baltic sea bottom, the investors of Nord stream-2 are OMV, Uniper, Shell, Engie and Wintershell.

The US opposes the construction of Nord stream 2. President Donald Trump called Germany a hostage of the Kremlin because the German authorities support this project. German Chancellor Angela Merkel told the American leader about the independence of German politicians, who independently make decisions on all issues.

Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder believes that Washington is putting pressure on the pipeline project "not because of its love for Ukraine", but because of the desire to supply liquefied natural gas to Germany. After the launch of Nord stream 2, Russia will be able to supply gas to Europe bypassing Ukraine. President Petro Poroshenko called Nord stream 2 " the Kremlin's Trojan horse against European energy and geopolitical security."

The Kremlin said that Russia will be able to build a gas pipeline, even if the United States will impose sanctions against the project. The Head of the Ministry of Energy Alexander Novak also noted that "the project will still be implemented."