OREANDA-NEWS. In Germany, they began selling sweets with the image of Chancellor Angela Merkel, who will soon leave her post. They are intended for those who want to wish Merkel «all the best in connection with her resignation». Videos and photos with it are published in the Telegram channel «Kartochny Domik: Europe».

The manufacturer of sweets Odenwaelder Marzipan has put on sale a marzipan sweet in the shape of a politician's head: the inscription on the packaging of the product reads «Resignation. I'll do it». The inscription is a reference to Merkel's phrase «We will do it», which was uttered by her in 2015. Then Merkel expressed confidence that Germany will cope with the flow of refugees.

In total, they plan to produce about 500 marzipan candies with the face of the chancellor, each of which is made by hand. The confectionery product can be purchased for five euros.

Earlier it became known that the last visit of German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Warsaw turned out to be crumpled, the policy had to change the program of the trip to the neighboring country. This was due to the fact that Polish President Andrzej Duda refused to meet with her, insulting his German counterpart.