OREANDA-NEWSChina allowed to import soybeans from all regions of Russia. This is stated in a statement published on the website of the Main Customs Administration of China. "In accordance with the laws and regulations of the PRC, as well as phytosanitary requirements for soybeans, maize, jellied rice and rapeseed imported from the Russian Federation, the import of soybeans to China from the entire territory of the Russian Federation is allowed", the department said in a statement.

The report says that "Russian soybeans mean soybeans grown in all regions of Russia and intended for processing." It's also noted that "soy imported from the Russian Federation shouldn't be a carrier of quarantine pests". “Soybeans imported from Russia can be transported by water, rail, road, air”, the statement said. “At the same time, loading vehicles must comply with the requirements of quarantine and epidemiological surveillance”.

The report also notes that "the measures taken have entered into force since publication". In May 2019, Olga Zakharova, Head of the Land Surveillance Department for the Control of the Quality and Safety of Grains at the Russian Agricultural Supervision, announced plans to sign an agreement. “This is also a very big breakthrough, because the Chinese side isn't going to abolish regionalization in other cultures”, the head of the department noted.

"According to the supplementary agreement to the protocol on phytosanitary requirements for corn, rice, soybeans and rapeseets delivered to China from the Russian Federation, the import of soybeans to China from all regions of Russia is allowed", the document says.

Earlier it was reported, China announced the beginning of the export of used cars from China to Russia. The first batch of 300 cars have already been prepared for loading in the port of the southern Chinese province of Guangdong.