OREANDA-NEWSThe total volume of global real estate investments by the end of 2019 may decrease to $ 1.7 trillion. This is stated in a study by the international real estate agency Savills. "The total volume of global real estate investments in 2019 is unlikely to reach the level of 2018 ($ 1.8 trillion), but it's likely not to be inferior to the indicators of 2017 ($ 1.7 trillion) even despite global macroeconomic instability", the materials say.

It's clarified that 2018 was the most active in the history of the global real estate market in terms of investment volume, however, in the first quarter of 2019, due to global political and economic instability, the volume of financial investments decreased. In the second quarter, investor activity increased and "total investment in the global real estate sector in the first six months of 2019 amounted to $ 810 billion". According to the study, this is slightly lower than the figure for the same period of 2018 - $ 840 billion.

"Investors continue to search for new and more profitable areas for investing, and since the real estate sector can offer them relatively attractive returns, the demand for such assets remains high", Sophie Chick, head of Savills World Studies, said in a statement. As Olga Shirokova, director of the consulting and analytics department at Knight Frank, told the Russian media, a change in global and local factors can still significantly affect the structure of global real estate investments this year.

“Speaking about the Russian real estate investment market, for now we are seeing investors behaving similarly to last year. A preliminary estimate of the amount of funds invested in Russian real estate for the first three quarters of 2019 is $ 1.6-1.9 billion, and the total annual indicator is expected at the level of $ 4-4.3 billion, most of which will be in the fourth quarter of 2019. Therefore, we can observe moderate growth at the level of about 7-9%", the expert added.