OREANDA-NEWS  Anti-aircraft missile systems S-400 will be delivered by Russia to Turkey in accordance with the contract by the autumn of this year, the Head of the Federal service for military-technical cooperation Dmitry Shugaev said in an interview on Wednesday.

"The portfolio of orders of Turkey today exceeds $1 billion, in 2017, as you know, a contract for S-400 was signed. Twice we went to adjust the timing in the direction of contraction, and by the fall of 2019 obligations are fulfilled. Turkey, of course, has ambitions for the development of the national defense industry, in a number of areas it has already succeeded significantly in this sense. Therefore, partners are attracted by such topics as joint development of equipment, including aviation," Shugaev told.

He noted that Russia can offer Turkey specific solutions for projects of interest to them. In particular, he said, Russia is ready to cooperate on aviation technology and engines.

"The contract for the S-400 also involves an option, it is a question of technological cooperation. We are ready to localize the production of individual elements of this system. This is no danger of transmission or copying of sensitive technologies will not happen," - said Shugaev.

He said that in addition to China, Turkey and India, about 10 countries expect to receive the S-400.

"In addition to those that are already in work, about ten countries are really in the list of those interested. First of all, it is the Middle East, but there are quite unexpected partners, and I will not name them yet. S-400-this is such a pearl of our air defense equipment, to its interest is rightfully high, though not everyone can afford it. More importantly, we offer the ability to integrate the S-400 with our other systems. And it may be of interest to those countries-anticipating your question about unexpected partners-who have Russian air defense systems of a different level, which is advisable in the presence of funds to create a complete and impenetrable shield by purchasing S-400. And, I will not be afraid of this expression," to sleep quietly", - Shugaev added.