OREANDA-NEWSThe Russian fighter didn't make the "unsafe" interception of a US plane, as the United States stated. This message was issued by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. According to the military, the Russian airplane flew twice into the sky and approached the American technology both times only to a safe distance. The Russian Defense Ministry has denied the statements of the American side about the unsafe interception of the American plane by a Russian fighter.

The defense department of the Russian Federation explained that on June 4, an American reconnaissance airplane approached the Russian Navy base in the Syrian port of Tartus twice. For the first time, the Russian military discovered a target over the neutral waters of the Mediterranean at about 12:30 Moscow time. The Su-35 fighter raised from the Russian military base Khmeimim flew to the object at a safe distance and recognized it as an American anti-submarine airplane Boeing P-8A Poseidon, the report said. Su-35 returned to the airfield after a US intelligence officer changed course.

The Russian military stressed that all flights Russia carries out in accordance with international standards. Thus, the Russian Federation refuted the statement of the press service of the US Sixth Fleet, according to which the Su-35 "unsafely" intercepted an American anti-submarine aircraft P-8A Poseidon over the Mediterranean Sea.

American pilots reported that the interception lasted for about 28 minutes, and after the maneuver they got into a wave of turbulence. The sixth fleet accuses the Russian military of irresponsible actions and at the same time insists that the US plane acted in accordance with international law and didn't provoke the Russians. This isn't the first such incident, but usually such interceptions occur over the Baltic and Black Seas.