OREANDA-NEWSThe capitalization of a wide variety of companies in the world - from gas and oil producers to car manufacturers - could drop by $ 2.3 trillion due to tightening government regulatory requirements due to climate change. This assessment was made by the organization of the UN financial initiative, Principles for Responsible Investment, the American News Agency reported on Monday.

The largest losses, according to their forecasts, will be suffered by coal companies - 44%, and oil and gas companies - 31%. At the same time, car makers who have invested heavily in electric cars, as well as electricity companies, will benefit. Their capitalization may double.

The increase in standards aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions is expected to accelerate due to the need to comply with the Paris climate agreement, which requires keeping warming at 1.5 or 2 degrees Celsius, the authors of the PRI document believe. This organization represents the interests of investors who control assets of $ 86 trillion.

Experts concluded that by 2030 it is necessary to achieve a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere by at least 35% compared to 2010, and by 2050 to achieve zero emissions. This will mean that any remaining CO2 emissions will have to be balanced by the removal of a similar amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.