OREANDA-NEWSThe European Union must put pressure on Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan to prevent illegal migrants from being used for his political purposes against the EU. This was announced on Tuesday by Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz following an emergency government meeting to develop measures to combat illegal migration.

According to him, the attempts of illegal migrants to break into the EU, to Greece from Turkey are organized by the Turkish leadership. “We need to put pressure on Turkey so that President Erdogan changes his inhumane behavior and does not continue to use migrants for his political purposes. We need to ensure that 2015 does not happen again. For this we need to organize a functioning border guard”, said Kurtz at a press conference.

"These people are not fleeing from Idlib, that is, not from Syria to Greece. These are people who have been partly in Turkey for many years. Turkish President Erdogan deliberately organized this process. Buses are provided, migrants are given information. Consciously attempts are being made to organize this march in Greece.

Since Friday, the situation with migrants on the land and sea borders with Turkey has sharply worsened. The Greek security forces prevented from Saturday 24 thousand 203 attempts of penetration of illegal migrants and refugees from Turkey.