OREANDA-NEWS If riots begiy in the country after Britain leaves Brexit, Elizabeth II and her family may be evacuated to sea. Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to complete the process with the EU by the end of October.

According to media reports, Buckingham Palace has a plan for a riot in London, which could lead to a shortage of medicines and food. If the situation becomes tense, the royal family will be evacuated according to a plan developed during the Caribbean crisis in the early 1960s. The Windsor will be delivered to the British ship to ensure their safety, as it was reported by Royal Central, citing personal sources.

The reason for such measures will be the fact that most of the possessions of Elizabeth II are open for tourists to visit, and therefore it will be problematic to provide reliable protection there. However, some experts believe that the queen will remain in London even during the riots, since her consent to leave her residence could lead to the end of the existence of a monarchy in Britain.