OREANDA-NEWS. Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Mayo called for an end to the controversy surrounding the allegedly true reasons for assisting in the fight against coronavirus from other countries. He stated this in an interview published on Thursday by an Italian newspaper.

"Now there is no time for polemics. There are no new geopolitical scenarios. There is a country that needs help, and there are other countries that do this. This is the United States, France, Germany, and Russia, which sent help after a telephone conversation Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and Russian President Vladimir Putin", said Di Mayo.

After the arrival in Italy of more than 100 military infectious disease doctors and equipment to counter the coronavirus epidemic, which were sent to one of the most affected areas in northern Italy - Bergamo - a number of critical publications appeared in the local media, in which, in particular, it was alleged that Russian help is useless. Whereas on social networks, Italian users mostly express gratitude to Russia for their help.

On Saturday, during a telephone conversation between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, it was agreed that Russia would provide the necessary assistance to the Italian side in the fight against coronavirus.